How Different Types Of Liquor Influence The Way You Feel

A study has analyzed the relationship between different types of alcohol as they affect emotional responses.

1. Red wine: It has been discovered that red wine when taken in moderation is heart healthy, it also increases the release of dopamine and serotonin to the brain which facilitates pleasure and enhances Relaxation.

2. Brandy: In addition to the perfect pairing of its warming nature that makes it a trusted source to boost the immune system, Brandy is known to have a magical effect on making flu disappear after a shot, its high proportion of antibacterial helps get rid of cold, throat pain and cough, the soothing and and relaxing qualities makes it recommended to induce a person to Sound Sleep.

3. Tequila: Tequila is actually the babe it thinks it is! This category of alcohol is generally known to be a party starter as it is majorly used for shooters, it automatically activates the vibe, which can cause people to feel more Energetic and Talkative.

4. Whiskey: Whiskey is believed to help control diabetics and aid weight loss, due to the presence of antioxidant it also serves as a boost to the immune system of the body, as a result of extra endorphins present in the content, people say it gives “That Feel Good factor” in other words, Whiskey makes you Happy.

5. Rum: All alcohol makes you careless but this particular category gives the “Dance Like Noone Is Watching” effect, like the “I could Care Less, There Is No Reasoning With Me” status. Generally, Rum is said to give you that burst of Confidence.

6. Beer: Just like Wine, Beer is termed to be a form of relaxation enhancer, it gets you in a comfortable mood, it’s familiar and makes shades of a younger, new to drinking you come out, basically, Beer keeps you At Ease.

7. Gin: O this one is no joke! Gin is that drink that would have you saying things like ‘I’m Not Drunk, You Are” it makes you feel invincible, and brings out your Fun and Feisty side.


 8. Vodka: They say Vodka makes you text people you shouldn’t Lol! The deep feelings you have towards people, either good or bad, begins to manifest with Vodka. Just like Rum, it suddenly builds up your confidence level and at that point, you become Bold enough to spew those conserved thoughts.

9. Sake: Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice, it is uniquely suited to pairing with almost any food. Rice Wine, as most people call it, is said to be smooth and sweet in flavor, it gives a warm feeling in the belly and makes you Mellow.

10. Soju: Soju is a popular and fun drink in Korea that is considered a celebratory drink to end off the day, playing at a middle ground between beer, wine and the other stronger distilled alcoholic beverages, Soju has that Ease effect, it gets you to Loosen up.