Cocktail time!

Most people believe that only celebrities like rappers and billionaires are allowed to drink cognac. But it turns out that there is a lot of great and reasonably priced cognac available. Cognac is a high-end spirit with a reputation for exclusivity. But there's no reason not to include it in your cocktail repertoire given the huge selection of affordable bottles that are now available on shelves. You can ball just as hard as Lil' Wayne, Biggie, and Kanye, albeit perhaps don't ball quite that hard.

Today's luxury recipe is a Cuba Libre

Cognac Cuba Libre

If you loved the vanilla-flavored Coca-Cola, this drink is for you. Any type of Cognac will work here, though there’s no need to go for anything fancy. Look no further we have a stellar selection right in our Cellar This quick drink is easy to make for a crowd, too.

4 ounces coke

2 ounces Cognac

Lemon wedge

Pour the coke over ice, add Cognac, squeeze in lemon wedge, stir, and strut.