Care for a draft cocktail?

Care for a draft cocktail?

Ever heard of draft cocktail? They are pre-made cocktails poured directly over ice or served at room temperature. They sometimes end up being extremely potent as there is no shaking and stirring. Draft cocktails are mostly served at especially large gatherings to ensure consistency, quality and speed in service.

If you are already considering serving draft cocktails at your next big event, this is a great idea but first, here are some things to note:

 1.  Pay attention to temperature and dilution- Some cocktails should be served at a certain degree, for example a martini at 29⁰F (-1.667C); avoid pre-dilution as ice         would further dilute the drink.

 2.  Make sure the juices are strained to avoid pulp from the fruits.

3.  Leave out drinks that need aeration. Like Margarita.