Wines for the rainy day

Wines for the Rainy Day

Here are the wines you should be drinking now according to the weather. It’s raining and it is time to move from white wines to reds as they contain higher tannin levels that help keep you warmer. With that we would be listing 5 of our favourite wines you can shop to keep you warm.

 1.   Robertson Winery Chapel Red- 1,300

A dry red wine with smooth fruity flavours and & herbaceous characters.

ABV: 13%

2.   Sandeman Ruby Porto- 3,500

A fortified red wine with crisp aromas of red fruits, plums and strawberries.

ABV: 19.5%

3.   Neil Ellis Cabernet Sauvignon- 4,000

A dry wine with purple hues, lush notes of blue & black berries, cedar & a sprinkle of mint. 

ABV: 14%

   4.   The Chocolate Block- 7,000


 The Chocolate Block is a flawlessly beautiful wine with bold, complex notes of berries, dark chocolate and liquorice.

 ABV: 14.5%

  5.   Thomas Barton Reserve St. Emilion- 7,600

A wine which reflects centuries of history; Rich with fresh cocoa & ripe fruity notes. Well balanced wine with aromatic intensity.

ABV: 12- 13.5%




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