In a martini or neat, Gin is a must have drink in your home bar. You however don’t have to break the bank to get a sip of quality spirit. Shop our array of Gins under ₦5,000.

Sip slowly!

 1.      GRENALL’S DRY GIN *7Ocl - ₦2,100

Greenall’s gin is an award winning British spirit which makes the perfect gin and tonic. With a smooth taste, it is also a great

ingredient for gin cocktails.

             Alcohol by volume: 40%

2.    BOMBAY LONDON DRY GIN *70cl - ₦3,200 

Bombay London Dry is a neat gin with citrus flavours as lemon and juniper notes.

 Alcohol by volume: 37.5%

3.   GORDON’S DRY GIN *7Ocl - ₦3,400

The London made drink, Gordon’s, which has been dubbed the world’s bestselling gin has bold juniper flavours and is often

used for mixed drinks.

 Alcohol by volume: 43%

1.      4.   TANQUERAY GIN *70cl - ₦4,800

Tanqueray Gin which originated from London but is now produced in Scotland, has a crispy & dry taste, a hint of spice and a

dry finish.

 Alcohol by volume: 47.3%

5.    BULLDOG DRY GIN *70cl - ₦4,800

Produced from over 12 botanicals as Chinese lotus leaves, Turkish white poppy and Chinese dragon eye, Bulldog London dry

gin has a smooth and balanced flavour with a crisp finish.

 Alcohol by volume: 40%

6.    BOMBAY SAPPHIRE GIN *1L - ₦5,000

The classic London dry gin, Bombay Sapphire, is produced using eight botanicals resulting in its traditional taste with strong

juniper flavours and a powerful dry finish.

 Alcohol by volume: 40%

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